CAPSULE™ - Containerized desalination units, designed to supply high quality water to off-grid remote locations suffering from water shortages, anywhere in the world. The CAPSULE™ offers a cost effective, robust, rapidly deployable, "plug and play" solution meeting all required standards and environmental regulations.

The Capsule Series

Agriculture Irrigation

Drinking Water

Industrial Applications

Estimated Water Price Calculator

Choose your Capsule

  • Sea Water RO 500 m³/d / 132K GPD
  • Sea Water 250 m³/d / 66K GPD
  • Brackish Water RO 500 m³/d / 132K GPD
  • Brackish Water RO 1,000 m³/d / 264K GPD

Set Electricity Price (US$/kWh):

Estimated Water Price

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* The calculation is for illustration purposes only, based on average data and may vary from facility to facility. The basic assumptions:

10 years financial model

300 annual operation days

Maintenance cost and equipment replacement is based on manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines

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  • Drinking water
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Industrial applications
  • Off-grid locations
  • Emergency water supply
  • Resorts
  • Construction sites
  • Greenhouses
  • Hospitals

Water Source

  • Sea water
  • Brackish water
  • Effluent
  • Grid water



High Quality Water

Pure, high quality desalinated water according to WHO and other international standards.

Fast Delivery

Short delivery, pre-designed unit and fully factory tested prior to dispatch.

Cost Effective

Optimized CAPEX and OPEX cost-effective solutions with low energy and chemicals consumption

Reliable water processing

Reliable, nearly unattended, robust solution, ensuring stable quantity and quality of the product water

Plug and Play

Fast and simple installation, minimal civil works required.

Modular and scalable plant

Modular easily expandable , containerized desalination plant.

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